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Slidell Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Recovering from serious auto accident injuries is tough, but being injured by a drunk driver adds an unwelcome distraction from your recovery. You should not have to be financially responsible for the negligence of drunk driver. By filing a personal injury claim for compensation for your medical bills and other damages, you hold the driver responsible for their actions.

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An experienced auto accident lawyer should handle filing a claim for your drunk driving accident case. The Law Offices of Edward A. Shamis, Jr., J.D., P.C., is home to a team of Slidell auto accident lawyers who can help you fight for full compensation for your injuries. We investigate the circumstances, discover the true value of your claim, and fight insurance companies on your behalf.

Why Hire a Slidell, LA Auto Accident Lawyerdrunk driving accident lawyer Slidell

When you’ve been injured in a drunk driving accident in St. Tammany Parish, the responsible driver’s insurance company may be quick to offer you a settlement. While you may need cash to cover your medical expenses and property loss, it’s important to contact our auto accident lawyers first to determine whether the settlement offer is fair.

In most cases, the insurance company’s initial offer is far too low to cover the damages you’ve incurred. When you call our Slidell personal injury firm, our accident lawyers examine your accident to determine how much compensation is truly required to cover your current and ongoing medical expenses, such as physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Holding Drunk Drivers Accountable in Louisiana

At the Law Offices of Edward A. Shamis, Jr., J.D., P.C., we are committed to holding drunk drivers financially accountable for their devastating actions. Our auto accident lawyers fight on your behalf to increase your chances of receiving full compensation for your losses.

We begin by meeting you during a free compensation at our Slidell, Louisiana personal injury law firm. Contact us to schedule your meeting today and fight for the compensation you deserve.